My favorite memory of the Barkery is when my mom, Bonnie worked there. I was in grade school at the time. Whenever my school had a snow day, I would go to the Barkery and hang out while my mom worked. I would sit in the basement, by the laundry chute, and watch the Bethoven movies on my portable DVD player. For breaks I would play with All the staff dogs. I loved my mom’s job!
PS our dog at the time was Buddy, but I loved all the Barkery dogs.


Alejandro meet Bodhi when he was only 10 weeks old.He grew really quickly!! They became fast buddies. A trust was built, and he has bathed Bodhi for almost 2 years. He now weighs in at 157lbs. with more to go. He has surpassed Alejandro”s weight. They have a special connection, and we couldn’t be happy. We love Brookside Barkery


One of the highlights of Watson’s week is our trips to the Barkery. He loves “shopping” and selecting the perfect treat but most of all he loves being greeted by one or all of our favorite staff! Watson loves the Barkery, our little Brookside gem, and so do John and I!


Nugget was a rescue from a puppy mill, and was born with a genetic deformity. We like to say she is handi-capable- her back legs may not work right, but that doesn’t stop her from getting around! She loves to go on car rides with her little sister Aria!


Abby will be 8yrs old in September, I have had her since she 6wks old. She is my little girl! She is my shadow and goes just about everywhere with me. She is a great big sister to her 2 little brothers. Santo is 2yrs old and 10K is three and a half months old.

Charlie Dillon

Charlie is coming up on his first birthday, and the past year has been a wild ride he recieved his first FFF and grooming here, and loves all the awesome treats he gets when he’s a good pup, but his fondest and most loved memory would be getting to meet SANTA!!


Maisy loves coming to Brookside Barkery to see all of her friends who work there and know her by name 🙂 She loves picking out treats and getting lots of pets. We love coming here because everyone is so knowledgeable and friendly, the products are the best quality, and the self-serve bath is so convenient.

Charlie Cooper

We have nothing but great memories with the Barkery. We’ve been visiting almost every week for a toy, or a chew. Recently we met several of the staff members at the dog and jog and they have gone above and beyond helping us find things to to help our Charlies sensitive stomach.