Your dog has been there for you through the good times and the bad. Now that he’s getting older, his day-to-day activity and health may be more of a struggle. From joint pain to indoor house messes, here are some insights into age-related health issues and how you can ease your older dog’s suffering:

  1. Protect Your Pet’s Mental Health Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome is a degenerative disease that primarily affects older dogs and causes changes to your pet’s behavior. Have you noticed any of the following symptoms in your older dog?
    • Waking at night, disrupted sleep cycles
    • Confusion, disorientation, or escalating phobias
    • Increasing separation anxiety
    • Bathroom accidents indoors
    • Excessive barking or whining, especially at night
    • Changes in attitude toward other people or pets

Dogs suffering from Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome may commonly feel anxious due to confusion. Brookside Barkery and Bath offers a variety of calming supplements to help them relax, including:

    • Charlotte’s Web CBD Chews
    • Real Mushrooms
    • Lion’s Mane

These supplements can work wonders for your pet’s mental wellness.

Always check with your veterinarian if you have any concerns about your dogs’ health; some of these behavioral changes can be caused by other conditions that merely exhibit similar symptoms.

    1. Protect Your Pet’s Gut Health Probiotics are live bacteria that live inside of your body to provide health benefits like preventing illness; your pet also needs probiotics for a healthy gut system! For these probiotics to stay healthy and do their job, they need to be fed. Prebiotics feed the beneficial probiotics and usually come from carbs, especially fiber. Your pet needs both probiotics and prebiotics for a healthy digestive system. At the Barkery, we offer Adored Beast “Healthy Gut” powder that helps your pet’s digestion and also promotes a healthy immune system.
    2. Take Care of Your Pet’s Bones As your pet gets older, their bones have a tendency to get weaker and their joints get stiffer. Protect your furry friend’s bone and joint health with joint supplements like Myristin and Level 5000. The Barkery also offers Lazarus Sensitive CBD oils and tinctures to soothe pain and help your pet move around more comfortably.
    3. Consider Bladder Support. One of the biggest struggles with owning an older pet is the incontinency and the indoor messes. This can be caused by a number of reasons. If your dog suffers from cognitive illness, he may be disoriented; joint pain can prevent your pet from getting outside as easily, in which case, talk to your vet about the above supplements for mental wellness and joint pain. In addition, we carry Tinkle Tonic to help support your pet’s urinary tract health and promote comfort during urination. (This option works well for both dogs and cats and helps to avoid renal failure.)

Brookside Barkery and Bath is here to promote your pet’s overall wellness and to help you make her as comfortable as possible.  We want to make sure that you and your pet will have many more wonderful experiences together. Drop by Brookside Barkery and Bath today or contact us with further questions!