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Dog toys come in all shapes and sizes, but a recent trend in interactive dog toys is making our dogs’ lives more entertaining than ever. Interactive toys, or enrichment toys, are created to specifically provide your dog with a unique, stimulating and challenging play experience.
Interactive dog toys are designed to keep your dog’s attention for longer periods of time by using unusual sounds, movements, and contents, such as treats that come out when the toy moves or puzzle is solved. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth from a dog toy with these features – because it’s unlikely your dog will grow bored quickly. Stop by Brookside Barkery and find the interactive toy that will excite and entertain your dog for hours!

Treat Bank Toys

This durable, non-toxic treat bank dispenses goodies to reward pets for their efforts. They have an internal maze structure that occasionally distributes kibble or treats with each bobble and nudge. These toys give immediate gratification while playing, and are great beginner-level interactive toys for your dog to enjoy.

Mazee Treat Dispenser

The Orbee-Tuff® Mazee is clearly engaging, clearly rewarding, and clearly fun! This interactive puzzle toy offers hours of long-lasting, brain-stimulating entertainment for dogs of any size. This toy allows your dog to see, hear, and smell the treats while they solve the puzzle.

Link Treat Dispenser

Link by Planet Dog has a sleek, translucent design so your dog can see and smell treats while working to get them out. This toy is designed to be linked together, allowing it to transform into different shapes for different difficulty levels. Regardless of how big or small the dog, they will toss, flip and shake with joy as they try and get their reward out.

Hero Treat Dispensing Giggle Ball

This ball is sure to keep your dog entertained with its combination of occasional treat dispensing and silly giggle noise on impact. Give your dog this toy, and expect hours of stimulation without supervision. To see a video of this toy in action, watch the cute video here.

Thinkrageous Puzzle Toy

This interactive toy is designed to focus and challenge your dog by offering treats as rewards. This toy has different levels of complexity, which gradually sharpen your pet’s instincts and keep them busy. With a durable composition and unique design, this toy is sure to keep your bored dog engaged.