BioPel: Ensuring Pest-Free Pets and People

 Innovet introduces the BioPel system, allowing you to prevent pests with three easy-to-use products

BioPel offers safe products that kill and prevents ticks, fleas, mosquitoes and ants. They also offer a supplement to add to your pet’s food.

The first option is BioPel Plus, a supplement mixing the proven pest fighters garlic and diatomaceous earth.  Mixed with beef liver, it’s a food topper your pet will love.  High in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids that are proven to aid in repelling insects and parasites from the inside out.

There is also BioPel leave-in conditioner, a lotion you rub on your pet.  It contains lemongrass and neem oils, which are strong deterrents for all sorts of insect pests.

And lastly, BioPel spray.  Safe for use on not only your pets, but also bedding, clothing, even your skin while hiking or camping.

The Barkery now has the full set in stock! Purchase all of these separately, or triple your pest-fighting power and save money by buying all three in a bundle! Stop in today to learn more about BioPel.