Proper nutrition can increase the average life span of a pet up to two years, plus, the right nutrition plan can solve numerous health issues. Are you ready to make a change in your pet’s diet?

We currently offer customized nutrition consultations to meet your needs. Options include:

    • 30-minute in-store consultations for $15
    • 30-minute Zoom consultations for $20 – including us placing your order for pickup or delivery
    • 30-minute phone consultations for $20 – including us placing your order for pickup or delivery

Each consultation includes:

  • Analysis of current feeding program for healthy dogs and cats
  • Customized diet recommendations unique to your pet’s needs
  • Supplementation for optimal health

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Meet the Team


Nutrition Specialist - Brookside Location

Gabby started her journey to holistic nutrition when her allergy-prone dog, Noodles, found success in an all-raw diet, after a lot of trial and error. She has been working Holistic Pet world for around 10 years, and has experience feeding many of the brands in-store at the Barkery. Gabby is trained on numerous Barkery brands, and has also taken courses on Herbalism for dogs and cats. Gabby believes in holistic remedies and the balance between Eastern & Western Medicines, and currently cares for her two rescues - Noodles, a pitbull-pointer mix, and Arlo, a boxer mix.


Nutrition Specialist - Brookside Location

Alex has been with the Barkery team for 7.5 years. In this time she has found a love for helping people and their pets by empowering them with the knowledge of holistic health. She has spent much of her own time researching holistic alternatives to traditional pet care, and has also taken many courses over the years, completing various certifications for Holistic Nutrition in the pet world. Alex’s skills are best applied to customizing a diet regime for each individual pet’s needs. She has a happy family of four pups, three of which (Ellie, Mili and Winston) you hay have met here at the shop!


Nutrition Specialist - Lee’s Summit Location

Carrie has been in the pet industry for 20 years, but when she came on board with the Barkery she started to dive into more a natural approach to healing. She has always believed that food is thy medicine. Her own health issues helps give her a greater knowledge for keeping pets healthy. With her past dog’s severe allergies and heart issues, her experience has left her wanting to pass along this knowledge to help others. Carrie lives with a Boston Terrier mix named Walter and a cat named Foo.


Nutrition Specialist - Lee’s Summit Location

Yvette has always been a strong believer in health through holistic nutrition. Her approach to treating ailments comes from her own way of treating herself holistically for over 20 years. She has been in the pet industry for over 10 years, and has been studying to become a canine herbalist for 2 years. Her experience with over vaccinating, cancer and heart failure in her own dogs led her down the path of holistic care. Yvette lives with 3 boxers, Rocky, Baldr and Babe. She also has a horse named Destiny who she also treats naturally and holistically.