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What is Distemper?

It’s that time of year again: time to update your dog or cat’s shots. You’ve likely heard or seen the term “Distemper” during your visit to the vet, and maybe have even assumed it to mean something about your dog’s mood or behavior. But this is not the case! Distemper is actually a contagious viral […]

Video: Best Day of My Life

At the Barkery, we can’t tell you how much we love to meet newly adopted dogs and cats – and neither can they tell you how happy they are to be adopted! But we think this video is pretty close… [youtube id=”8J4k32LhTNw” width=”600″ height=”350″]  

Are we Spaying and Neutering too Early?

According to research from Animal Wellness Magazine, spay and neuter procedures are often done too early in life, and may cause health issues later on. Pet overpopulation is definitely an issue in the United States, but are we spaying and neutering too soon? “Conventional veterinary wisdom recommends that dogs be spayed or neutered between six and […]

5 Tips for a Healthy Feline Report Card

Cat’s don’t generally have wonderful breath, but what do you do when it’s unbearable? Animal Wellness Magazine comes to the rescue again with these excellent tips on feline dental care. Periodontal disease can be the culprit when it comes to bad pet breath. Ann Brightman notes that, “bad breath is one of the main signs […]