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National Pet Obesity Awareness Day

October 9th is National Pet Obesity Awareness Day. Each year, the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) conducts a pet nutrition and weight management survey pet owners and veterinary professionals to complete. This survey is used to help advocate against the growing pet obesity trend and improve pet nutrition. In 2018 alone, their survey estimated […]

8 Reasons Not to Use a Retractable Leash

8 Reasons Not to Use a Retractable Leash Now that the weather has changed to fall in Kansas City – the idea of taking your pup for a walk sounds more bearable! With a number of leash options from standard to retractable, it’s important to do your research when selecting the best leash for your […]

Just Say No – To Declawing Cats

With a goal to improve and protect the lives of cats, Alley Cat Allies is, “the global engine of change for cats.” One of these actions is education on why cats need their claws. When a cat is declawed, the last joints of a cat’s toes are surgically amputated – causing trauma and permanent damage. […]

Top Human Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Pets

Most all pet owners can agree our pets are members of our families. We become so close to our pets we sometimes forget they aren’t actually humans. The majority of the time, this is innocent – until it comes to our pets’ diets. It’s important to know a number of foods that are harmless to […]

5 Reasons to Add Collagen to Your Pet’s Diet

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, otherwise known as the “glue” that holds everything together. It’s one of the most prominent components of muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, bones and skin. Just like us humans, when our pets begin to age, their collagen begins to deplete making them much more prone to injuries, […]

Dog Owners: Beware of Toxic Blue-Green Algae

For many, a day at the lake is the perfect way to spend a hot summer day. Tragically, this recently hasn’t been the case for an increasing number of dog owners. The alert over toxic blue-green algae is spreading after multiple dogs in the U.S. have died suddenly after going for swims. Toxic blue-green algae […]

Poisonous Plants for Cats – What to Avoid

Flowers and plants are often used to bring added life into homes. As all cat owners know, cats love to climb, explore and chew on plants – but did you know some plants are toxic to cats? If you want to keep plants in your home, it’s important to know which are poisonous to your […]

Choosing the Right Brush for Your Pet

Whether pet hair is driving you crazy this summer or you’re just looking for a great way to bond with your pet – brushing them regularly is both a great way to keep your home free of hair and to spend a little quality time with your furry friend. You might not know that different […]