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Low Glycemic Pet Diet Benefits

What is the best food for your pet? Consider the benefits of a low glycemic diet. Glycemic Index (GI), Explained GI measures how a particular carbohydrate source affects blood sugar levels. GI is measured on a scale of 0 to 100, which compares a given food to pure glucose (GI of 100). Refined simple carbohydrates […]

Benefits of April Special: American Natural Premium

We’re happy to announce a new line at the Barkery:  American Natural Premium. ANP is a great way to introduce your pet to premium kibble after long having fed “supermarket” type food.  With a strong list of healthy, natural ingredients, this new food will get your four-legged friend started on a healthier path. Additional features*: Added Prebiotics […]

Tea Tree Gel for Pets

Have you tried multiple cat litter brands with no success at masking the strong odor? Do you have a hard time keeping your home smell fresh instead of like your pups? Tea tree is the perfect solution! Tea tree gel allows the natural antiseptic properties of the oils to become airborne through an evaporative release. […]

Downtown Dog Day – April 5th

Downtown Dog Day is coming up and it’s not too late to register online or by mail! This will be the most fun W-A-L-K of the year! Join us on Saturday, April 5 for pre-registration and t-shirt pickup beginning at 8:00 a.m. and then walk at 9:00 a.m. Brookside Barkery will be in our tent […]

How to Read a Dog Food Label

“Natural,” “beef flavoring,” or “gluten-free” — how do you know which ingredients to say yes to, which to avoid, and which ones are just plain marketing? Not only can we help you select a great all-natural food for your dog (and cat), we can also help you distinguish what complicated food labels really mean. Here […]

House Plant Pet Safety

Did you know that more than 700 plants have been identified as dangerous for animals? With spring popping up, it’s time for gardening again! According to the Humane Society, poisonous plants produce a variety of toxic substances and cause reactions ranging from mild nausea to death. Certain animal species may have a peculiar vulnerability to a […]

Expert Tips for Walking Your Dog

Having trouble walking your dog? Or training a young pup? Here are some great tips from the Whole Dog Journal. No talking on cell phones except in an emergency. Practice makes perfect. Ask for (and reinforce) your dog for loose-leash walking, and polite sits at street corners and when you stop to talk to someone. Use good […]

APRIL SPECIAL – American Natural Premium

Save big on Endurance Plus all month long! $2 OFF small bags of dog or cat food $4 OFF medium bags of dog or cat food $6 OFF large bags of dog food If you’re making the transition from regular supermarket dog or cat foods to all-natural, American Natural Premium is a great choice!