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Old Sooie-girl started living around and needing help getting in and out of the house. She stopped coming up and down stairs because her hips were too sore. We visited BB and loaded up on fish oil and glucosamine in hopes to make her more comfortable. A couple months later, it was time for another […]


Maverick has had countless groomings at the Lee’s Summit BB. After one grooming in 2017 it was suggested by the groomer I have the vet examine Maverick because of the way his skin looked and hair was thinning. After examination and blood test it was confirmed that Maverick had Cushings disease. I may not have […]


Bella is a “special” dog. She’s a big dog but afraid of her own shadow. We were up there one day for her bath (which we are there at least once or twice a month you would think she’d be used to it. Anyway we go back to the bathing room and take her to […]


Pluto was my darling boy, a velvety soft golden brown boxer/lab who suffered from canine seizure disorder. He loved the dried liver treats and the cannabis oil treats. He left this world on 4/2 but will romp and play in my heart forever. We now have a panda bear, an Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog recently […]


Our favorite location is the Brookside Barkery in the Brookside neighborhood! This is our favorite place to get Yodi toys, Koha wet dog food, and Yodi’s not so favorite nail trim. My favorite memory is when my boyfriend and I came in for a nail trim for Yodi. Yodi tends to wimper and get very […]

Rhett Dogins

Rhett Dogins and I were taking a “quick” walk before happy hour at the start of summer. I turned around to pull him along, and he had fallen in a muddy sink hole next to a fire hydrant and he couldn’t have been happier yet more confused about it! He was caked in so much […]


Right about the time that my dog was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis, Brookside sent an email about a pet food seminar. It seemed like fate since I wasn’t sure what to start feeding Remington, who has always been a picky eater. After attending the seminar and getting really good advice, we started feeding Remy O.C. […]


We took Sadie to Brookside Barkey & Bath the day we took her home to start fostering her. We bathed her with the self serve bath to freshen her up for her new life. A week later we knew we couldn’t give her away so we officially adopted her and of course celebrated with a […]

Lucy & Charlie!

Our journey with Brookside began a couple years ago. We recently had just brought home our beloved Olde English Bulldog (Charlie) and we wanted to begin proving the pups quality food after a long discussion with our vet. We checked into Brookside and instantly became part of the Brookside pact. Staff were so helpful in […]