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Your Dog Has Cancer! But What About You?

By Dr Edward Bassingthwaighte It was a terrible, terrible shock. You noticed something not quite right with your dog – maybe she was off color, or perhaps a bump or lump suddenly appeared and was growing. You took her off to your vet. You were worried sick about what it could be. The vet examined […]

Transitioning Your Cat to Raw

Cats are obligate carnivores. This is a statement you may have heard once or twice at the Barkery. This means their diets should consist of almost entirely meat. In nature, cats don’t eat grains or carbs of any kind. Many grain-free foods are substituted with starches, which are just as bad but allow pet food […]

May Special – Zignature & Fussie Cat!

We’ve got something for everyone this month at the Barkery. Zignature’s grain and potato free recipes and Fussie Cat’s kibble & cans are each on special this month. You won’t want to miss these deals! Zignature: $2 off Small Bags $4 off Medium Bags Buy a large bag, get a small bag FREE Cans: Buy […]

Dog & Cat Titer Testing FAQs

Answering your questions about titer testing, a safe alternative to annual vaccines. Vaccinations can be both helpful and harmful. It all depends on how they’re used. In young dogs and cats, vaccines help establish immunity from infections disease. But repeated and unnecessary vaccines can be harmful to the immune system. Titer testing is a safe […]

Leash Walking Basics

Is your dog an unruly leash-walker? Does he pull you off your feet every time something distracts him? These tips will help transform him into a polite walking partner. Walking your dog is excellent exercise for both of you. But if he doesn’t know how to walk well on a leash, and is constantly pulling […]

6 Ways to Improve Your Pet’s Health Naturally

If you’re a frequent Barkery shopper, you’re probably doing just about everything you can to keep your pet happy and healthy. Here are a few tips from holistic veterinarian Dr. Judy Morgan to improve your pet’s health naturally. 1. Minimize Vaccinations The core vaccines for dogs and cats, including Distemper virus, Parvo virus, Adeno virus […]

Introducing GivePet Treats

    GivePet is a local company that sells super premium treats for dogs. There are four different grain-free formulas, and they’re the only biscuit-style treat we sell in bulk. For each bag that’s sold, 10 shelter dogs receive treats. Healthy treats are a true need at animal shelters, and are often used for training […]

April Sale!

We’re super excited about bringing some RAWsome savings to our Pack Members this month! OC Raw and Rad Cat are both on special this month, which means you can feed your pet the most wholesome, nutritious, and biologically appropriate diet and save a few bucks. Rad Cat: 20% off all Rad Cat products OC Raw:

Spring Time Toxins

Spring has sprung, which means sunshine, colorful plants and more outdoor time with your four-legged friends. But there are some plants and other hazards to be aware of that could cause danger to your cat or dog. Before you head off to the garden center to pick out your seasonal blooms, check out Dr. Becker’s […]