This month’s special features two great brands – Grandma Lucy’s Pure & Simple Freeze Dried Pet Food, and OC RAW DOG’s Totally Rabbit, Totally Beef, and Totally Turkey. These two products can be combined in variations to create a fresh, customizable diet for your pet.

Grandma Lucy’s Pure & Simple Freeze-Dried Pet Food

Grandma Lucy’s freeze dried recipes are a great nutritional base to add fresh, raw, or dehydrated protein, or top with your dog’s favorite fresh ingredients. Grandma Lucy’s freeze dried recipes are formulated with only the highest quality ingredients chosen to benefit your dog’s health. Just add water or broth, and start mixing!

  • $5 off a large bag
  • $3 off a small bag
OC RAW DOG Totally Beef, Totally Rabbit, and Totally Turkey

The pure ingredients in OC RAW make it easy to love this food! No preservatives, chemicals, fillers, or grains. OC RAW’s brand new Totally Beef, Turkey and Rabbit are sole sources of protein that are perfect to customize as a topper or supplement with your own produce or freeze-dried base. This month at the Barkery, get:

  • $7 off 2 lb Totally Rabbit
  • $5 off 2 lb Totally Beef
  • $3 off 2 lb Totally Turkey