April Special at the Barkery

When it comes to great food, it’s time to GO!

For April, we’re bringing in new varieties of GO! by Petcurean.

Our customers tell us, time and again, that their dogs become healthier, happier and more alert on GO!™ recipes. That’s because GO!™ was created to be a complete, nutrient-packed food that puts more “life” into everyday dogs.

It has high protein, lower carb recipes that help your dog stay strong and fit; recipes formulated for dogs with food sensitivities and specific dietary needs; and recipes that provide preventative care to keep dogs healthy for life.

GO!™ recipes are prepared with a balanced blend of premium quality protein from chicken, lamb, turkey, salmon, duck, and trout; plus fruits, veggies, herbs, and berries. GO!™ is available in whole grain and grain free recipes, and has zero growth hormones, by-products, or artificial preservatives.

And now GO! offers three new LIMITED INGREDIENT formulas! Each is a single-protein recipe and they’re available in duck, venison, or salmon!

Limited Ingredient Diets, or LID’s, are perfect for pets with food sensitivities or specific dietary needs.  All of them are grain free, gluten free, and potato free.  Loaded with fruits & veggies (which means antioxidants!), they also feature a prebiotic and probiotic, ensuring your pet gets the maximum benefit from all of that nutrition.


GO! Special Prices for April

Dog recipes: Take $3 off small, $5 off medium, and $7 off large bags

Cat recipes: Take $3 off small bags.