All Natural Dog Shampoo

Pavia Proporsoothe Shampoo is an all natural shampoo made with the best ingredients such as oatmeal extract and  natural glycerin. These are the types of ingredients that make shampoo anti-itch, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. barkery blog 1

Today more than ever it is important to use a gentle yet effective dog shampoo on our pets. The reasons are simple – we have more and more chemicals in our environment that are landing on, and often, staying our our pets on their skin and fur. Adding to this the strong use of pesticides has caused fleas and mosquitoes to seek out new home; and a dog becomes a great choice. So using a good all natural dog shampoo will go a far way at providing your dogs the needed cleansing ability during a bath to clean out the environmental chemicals in their coat and skin, while at the same time moisturizing and cleaning to avoid infections. A great ingredient to look for in organic and natural dog shampoo products is Aloe Vera juice; it does great at moisturizing after the bath!

The natural juice moisturizes great and will also help create a nice shine to the fur of your dog. Some other good ingredients to look for in natural dog shampoos are essential oils as these oils do a great job removing mosquitoes and fleas naturally. They also help heal any damaged skin and will help to stop itching and scratching.

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