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When Alfie was young he had a fear of getting too far away from home when we took walks. If we would get more than several blocks away, he would look towards home and want to head back.

So one day, I had the idea to coax him along by saying “Let’s go to the Barkery and get a treat!” He had already joined me in many car rides to the Barkery, so when I said those magic words, he perked up and trotted along. After a few reminders about our destination, we arrived and he was rewarded with a cookie from the display case. We did this several times and Alfie’s fear of getting too far from home was overcome. Even now, more than a decade later, if we get anywhere within a couple of blocks from the Barkery he wants to lead me in that direction.

I am so grateful for the Barkery and all their employees over the years for their knowledge and guidance on selecting the best foods, calming supplements, ear drops, fish oil, healing salves and so many other needs since Alfie was a puppy. The high quality food has been so important for him because of his tendency toward allergies and inflammation, and I appreciate all the guidance we’ve received on which foods are best for him and how to rotate them. The improvement in his health has been such a blessing in our household – because when Alfie’s happy, everyone is happy! Today, people can’t believe that he is 13 years old and is still so healthy and playful. We are proud to be part of the Barkery pack!