“The Barkery Sensitivity test, plus probiotics and healthy food Brookside Barkery recommended changed the health and life of our beloved Mini Schnauzer, Heidi. We tried everything...so many foods and medications based on advice from our vet and anything we could find online. Heidi was lethargic, allergic, on medication constantly and had frequent visits to the vet as well as the emergency vet. She wouldn‘t be alive today if we had not found the Brookside Barkery and Alex. She’s 13 today and acts like a puppy! Thanks so much, Alex and Brookside Barkery!”

- Jocelyn A.

Our favorite place for the best products for your pet. Lots of holistic choices, grain free foods, and natural treats. Only the best for our Aussie.

- Jenni F.

“...Talk about being at home, the Brookside Barkery is the most comforting place that we have ever taken our Lala (Toy Poodle). The Barkery has the most knowledgeable staff and a great selection of holistic pet food, all natural dog treats and innovative toys. They provide superb pet grooming services and your dog can even get a massage by the stylist. We’re always comfortable dropping her off, welcomed when we pick her up, and appreciated as we are her checking out. If your pet is as close to you as a child like our (Lala) is to us you can trust there is no other place better equipped to entrust the care of your pet than at the Brookside Barkery!”

- Batricia B.

“We have been using this local business for years! Wonderful, knowledgeable staff and a great inventory of services, treats, food, and toys. Take your pet in and soon it will be there favorite place. Our Corgi gets excited as soon as we hit the off ramp! She loves it and so do we!”

- Bruce R.

“I LOVE the Brookside Barkery. I do not say this about most pet stores, or any really, but the Barkery is terrific! This place sells only the best pet food available on the market. The staff is knowledgeable about the products they sell. There‘s even a point/reward system that can take some of the financial sting off of buying premium products. Every weekend, they host homeless pets from various local shelters and even donate food and other products from time to time. The self-serve dog bathing stations are great, fairly priced, and make keeping your pooch fresh a simple task. You’ll not find a friendlier pet store staff either. These folks truly like working here, and that’s a great thing to see.”

- Robert M.

“Nutritional supplements? Bamboo hair brushes? Health seminars? No, this is not a GNC for you, this my friends is for your furry little guy or girl. And I love it! I just love how dedicated this place is to natural health for pets! It’s about time the pet industry cared more for the well-being of your pet more than a profit or what we can dress them in...”

- Carrie V.

“I‘ve been a loyal customer at Brookside Barkery for about 4 years. They have helped my girlfriend and I understand proper nutrition for our 2 dogs (who both have different requirements). We’ve purchased so many toys, treats and other accessories for our pets there. They also have provided us with free 1st time baths for the 5 dogs that we have rescued and fostered during that time. We will continue to find dogs good forever homes, and we will keep coming to the Barkery for everything we need to care for our permanent pets and those who are just passing through.”

- Giuliano M.

“If you have a pet and live in the Kansas City Metropolitan area you MUST go to Brookside Barkery (any of the locations)! We’ve gone there for years and from the food (which is better than anything in the city) to the toys and of course the pet wash...its just a fantastic place!”

- Jason D.

“We have been customers of Brookside Barkery and Bath since they opened in 2003 (three dogs and two cats later...). There is not a better place in KC to to find the right food and right information about caring for your pets (ask Randy anything, he‘ll know the answer!) We buy all of our food and treats there and they’ve advised us through puppy‘hood and even into pampering options near the time to say good-bye to our beloved lab. Their bath service is convenient and they use top notch products. Try this place, you won’t be disappointed.”

- Tracie T.

“I’m Aleysha, I came in not too long ago looking to switch food for my 2 year old Yorkie & 9 year old Pomeranian who has seizures. You recommended the raw food and also assisted me with picking out the CBD/Hemp oil. I just wanted to give you an update! First of all, CoCo (the Yorkie) LOVES the raw food. Lol, Remi (Pom w/ seizures) likes it, but CoCo l o v e s it. So thank you for recommending that! Also, Remi went from having 2-3 minute seizures every day to 30 second seizures every 4-5 days while taking .25 mL 2x a day. I’m going to give him a little more and see how that works out. Regardless, I just wanted to thank you so much. Knowing that my pups are eating quality, healthy food and have a more natural alternative to medicine gives me a lot of comfort and you definitely helped 100%. Thank you so much again! I will bring them in the next time we come to get food. Thanks a million times!”

- Aleysha P.

“Our cocker was having major yeast problems with his ears and after researching a bit on alternative methods since the vet didn‘t seem to be helping, I found that switching to grain free food may help. I looked up some different foods and found Brookside Barkery as one of the sellers of it. I was so impressed by the staff that helped me the first day I walked in as it can be a little overwhelming when you don’t know much about what they sell. She gave me lots of free samples and great info to go on. We are now firm believers in grain free food! Since starting him on some Evo his ears have cleared up completely and he is back to his happy go lucky self! Couldn’t recommend this place any more highly! Thank you for the wonderful experience!”

- Heather P.

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