A Thanksgiving Feast for Your Pet

We will all be sitting down to a delicious Thanksgiving dinner this week and that means more opportunities for your pets to sneak a taste or be given a goody or two under the dinner table from Uncle Sal. There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to Thanksgiving foods and your pets. These tips from the ASPCA will keep your four legged friend very happy on turkey day.

  • Talkin’ Turkey: If you decide to feed your pet a small bite of turkey, make sure it’s boneless and well-cooked. Don’t offer her raw or undercooked turkey, which may contain salmonella bacteria. Do not give your pet the left over carcass–the bones can be problematic for the digestive tract.
  • No Bread Dough: Don’t spoil your pet’s holiday by giving him access to raw yeast bread dough. When a dog or cat ingests raw bread dough, the yeast continues to convert the sugars in the dough to carbon dioxide gas and alcohol. This can result in bloated drunken pets, which could become a life-threatening emergency, requiring hospitalization.
  • Don’t Let Them Eat Cake: If you plan to bake Thanksgiving desserts, be sure your pets keep their noses out of the batter, especially if it includes raw eggs—they could contain salmonella bacteria that may lead to food poisoning.
  • A Feast Fit for a King: While your family enjoys a special meal, give your cat and dog a small feast of their own. Stop by the Barkery while you’re doing your grocery shopping and pick up some special Thanksgiving teats for your pets! Treat them to a yummy wet food instead of the same old dry kibble and why not pick up a homemade cookie for them while you’re at it?