8 Reasons Not to Use a Retractable Leash

Now that the weather has changed to fall in Kansas City – the idea of taking your pup for a walk sounds more bearable! With a number of leash options from standard to retractable, it’s important to do your research when selecting the best leash for your furry friend. Though retractable leashes may be appropriate for some dogs and training purposes, generally speaking, retractable leashes are not the right choice.

Below are 8 reasons why the pet experts at The Barkery do not recommend the use of retractable leashes.

  1. With retractable leashes extending anywhere from 16 to 26 feet, the further the distance of your dog, the greater the chance of an accident occurring. The closer your dog is to you, the quicker you can prevent a dangerous situation – like your pet running out in front of a car.
  2. The distance of a retractable leash increases the potential of your dog being approached by another aggressive dog. With a standard flat leash, you have a greater ability to keep your dog safe and close. Plus, the freedom to pull at the end of the retractable leash may come off as aggression – making the other dog even more likely to fight back.
  3. When you use a retractable leash with a powerful dog, the leash can easily snap when they take off at full speed and the bulkiness of retractable leashes can easily be pulled out of your hand. This puts your dog, yourself and whatever your pup is chasing in danger.
  4. You, the dog walker, can easily get tangled up in the cord of a retractable leash – resulting in falls, burns and in extreme situations – amputation. In addition to getting tangled up, you can be pulled to the ground by a strong dog who reaches the full length of the retractable leash at a high speed.
  5. Not only can you get injured by sudden stops and jerks when the length of the retractable leash runs out, but so can your pup. Neck wounds as well as spinal injuries have been proven to occur with the use of a retractable leash.
  6. Many dogs are fearful of the sound of dropped retractable leash hitting the ground. Though this doesn’t cause any physical harm to your dog, it can create a lasting fear of not only leashes but going on walks as well.
  7. Retractable leashes tend to malfunction over time – this can happen mid-walk increase the risk of harm to you and your pup. Playing it safe with a 6” standard flat leash is a great way to avoid this risk all together.
  8. If your dog is not yet trained to properly walk on a standard leash, the use of a retractable leash will train your pup to pull while walking on the leash. The Barkery recommends you train your dog on a regular leash and only use a retractable leash for specific situations once they are already properly trained.

Want to learn more about why The Barkery advocates the use of standard leashes over retractable leashes? Stop by Brookside Barkery & Bath in Brookside or Lee’s Summit and ask to speak to one of our trained staff members.