7 Signs Your Cat has Spring Fever

Spring is here and cats love frolicking in the warm weather just as much as their human companions. These seven surefire signs from PetMD will let you know spring fever has hit, along with some tips for how to ease your kitties through the seasonal transition.

She Wakes Up Early

With the warm weather, your cat no longer needs to use you as a human furnace. This means she’ll be waking up at the crack of dawn, pawing your face and scampering across your sleeping body. She wants you to play. Immediately. Your cat is just responding to nature’s call, and unfortunately, there is no snooze button.

The Fix: Cats are like kids—they need to be worn out before bed. Any excess energy will turn into the nighttime crazies and an appallingly early wake-up time for you. In the evening, try playing hunting games with your cat and feed her afterwards. She’ll likely groom herself to relax and unwind and then fall asleep. Be aware that her demands for attention, regardless of the time of day or night, are signs that she needs more interaction during waking hours.

She Seeks the Sun

During the winter, when the sunlight is minimal and indirect, Fifi would prefer to snuggle up with you or rest in her warm bed to keep her temperature at a comfortable level. With spring sunlight filtering through your windows, your cat will seek out any spot and lay down to sunbathe.

The Fix: Apply UV film to your windows to protect her from potential skin damage. If kitty happens to be lying in your spot on the sofa—move over. Like you, she’s been waiting a very long time for those sunny spots.

She is Glued to the Window

When the outdoor wildlife show was on hiatus during hibernation time, there was nothing for your cat to see. Now, she’s dying to teach all those delectable birds and squirrels to stay off her turf. Hunting is a year-round activity in the southern states, where bugs and lizards are always out in full force, but felines who live where snow shoos them away eagerly anticipate the return of critters.

The Fix: Unless your cat is allowed outdoors, do not block her view of the window. Think of her like the furry equivalent of a football fan that will physically remove any obstacle in front of the TV. You may want to consider showing her a looping cat video of nature entertainment featuring butterflies and tasty wild animals during the lean winter season. The Animal Channel is also a good substitute.

She Becomes a Wrestling Star

If Fifi has a kitty companion (or even a dog with whom she’s friendly), she will engage in wrestling contests that rival the WWE. These contents will come complete with snarls, pinned back ears, growls and yelps that make you wonder if it’s time to break it up. It’s not. She’s just getting out her energy. Be warned—a cat without a partner may use you as her opponent. And she’ll expect you to let her win.

The Fix: Keep a close eye on the wrangling furballs to make sure no one gets hurt. If they’ve been together for enough time to get to know each other, their fight is most likely posturing. If your feline uses you as her playmate, teach her to keep her claws to herself and discourage biting. Cat scratch fever and puncture wounds will surely ruin the fun.

She is Getting Bigger

Springtime brings on growth spurts for most living things, including kittens. Chances are your grown cat won’t be putting on weight, though, since hanging from the chandelier burns lots of calories.

The Fix: Take lots of pictures. Keep your camera handy for every possible cute moment, and video all of her cute adventures—especially when she’s trying to get out of that grocery bag. Like children, kittens grow up shockingly fast. Enjoy her kittenhood as much as you possibly can.

She Gets the Crazies

Her high-speed dashes on the surface of the walls rather than on the floor make your house seem like a velodrome. Kitty has all day long to run laps, yet she chooses to do it at night when you’re trying to sleep. Why? Because she is a nocturnal creature. She works the night shift.

The Fix: While it’s tough to beat biology, it is possible to train your cat to adapt to your sleeping schedule. However, it won’t happen overnight. As mentioned earlier, give her plenty of exercise before bed to encourage exhausted, lasting sleep.

She Wants to “Get Busy”

While the weather was cold, she could care less if any boy kitties were around. But with the arrival of spring, she begins that familiar howl accompanied with rolling around and carrying on. The commotion is so loud that it carries down the block. Before you know it, male felines might be stalking your yard to get in on the action.

The Fix: Although you might have been trying to keep all of your cat’s parts intact, one too many heat seasons can weaken even the most convicted pet parent. If her call of the wild is too much for you to handle, march your cat to the nearest spaying and neutering center pronto. Besides keeping her quiet and clearing off your lawn, cancer risk is significantly decreased without your kitty’s hormone-producing parts.