6 Easy Ways to Soothe Your Dog’s Achy Joints

Getting older is a fact of life that we all know too well. We don’t like to see it in ourselves and we really don’t like to see it in our pets. Have you been noticing changes in your pet? Are they stiff in the mornings? Do they limp? Do they bound up the steps with ease or are they slower paced? Arthritis is common in humans but your pet can also get it. Not sure how to help your dog? We’ve got some tips from moderndogmagazine.com to help you out!

Step 1
Schedule an appointment with your vet. They can determine if your dog’s stiffness or reluctance to play is in fact a symptom of joint pain, and not a torn ligament or even cancer. They can also advise if your dog ought to be on pain medication.

Step 2
Lose the extra weight. Dogs, like people, have a tendency to pack on some extra pounds as they age. This extra weight puts considerable added strain on already sore joints. Your dog will be happier—and healthier—at his optimal weight.

Step 3
Add natural supplements. Turmeric and the omega-3’s found in fish oil have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce joint pain.

Step 4
Get comfortable. A supportive dog bed that cushions sore joints is a must. A high-quality, super-comfortable dog bed that cushions painful joints and that is easy to get into and out of is a great investment. Dogs spend an average of 12–14 hours a day sleeping. Why not make them dreamy ones? Brookside Barkery has a huge stock of dog beds, stop in now to pick up a new one for your pet!

Step 5
Massage your dog. Not only does canine massage ease pain, it’s a wonderful way to deepen your bond and show your dog how much you love her.

Step 6
If your buddy is starting to have a really hard time climbing the steps or getting up to his favourite spot on the couch, invest in ramps or floor runners to improve traction.

A few simple changes can make all the difference in your pet’s health. Does your pet need to lose a few pounds? Stop by the Brookside Barkery to pick up some weight control food and perhaps a new bone as a treat!