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5 Signs Your Pet Needs Dental Treatment

Pets can experience dental problems just like people do. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) estimates that 80% of dogs and cats older than 4 years have moderate to severe dental disease. It doesn’t have to be that way, though! Brookside Barkery has found a list of signs that could mean your pet needs dental treatment. Check to see if your dog or cat shows any of these 5 signs.

#1: Bad Breath. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not “normal” for your pet to have bad breath. It may be common in pets, but that’s typically because the pet doesn’t get regular tooth brushing and dental cleaning. Bad breath is the most frequent sign of looming dental problems, and if it smells similar to rotting eggs it could indicate the presence of periodontal disease. Even if it’s only mildly bad, it means bacteria is trapped in the pet’s mouth. A professional dental cleaning and examination can make the world of difference!

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#2: Stained Teeth. Yellow and brown stains on the back of the pet’s teeth and around the gum line are signs of tartar build-up. These go hand-in-hand with bad breath and bacterial infections, but can usually be removed by a professional cleaning before they become problematic. Of course, if you’re brushing your pet’s teeth daily you can avoid this happening in the first place. The Barkery has everything you’ll need for at-home dental care, be sure to stop by and pick up some of our oral care products to help prevent bad breath and bacterial infections!

#3: Eating Difficulties. If you see your dog or cat having difficulty chewing her food or she suddenly loses interest and appetite, she might need pet dental care urgently. These symptoms can indicate oral infection or inflammation, which may be caused by pet gum disease or gingivitis in dogs or cats. If she refuses hard foods in particular, this may be a sign that she’s finding it hard to chew.

#4: Problem Gums. When your pet develops inflamed, swollen or bleeding gums, this is often a symptom of a bacterial infection. The inflammation can cause her significant pain and discomfort, but can often be reversed by having a professional dental cleaning or removing a specific offending tooth.
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#5: Loose and Broken Teeth. You might think it’s normal for your cat or dog to lose teeth as she gets older, but loose and broken teeth are often signs of a more serious pet dental care issue. If bacteria has eaten away the binding that holds the tooth in place, an infection probably exists or is in the process of developing. A loose tooth can also be caused by chewing on something too hard, which might open the root of the tooth and result in infection. Any oral bacterial infection can spread to the rest of your pet’s mouth, and eventually to the rest of her body.

Just like humans, your pets can have dental problems that can cause pain, and overall effect their quality of life. There’s plenty you can do to make sure your pet’s teeth are being taken care of. Brookside Barkery has everything you’ll need for at-home dental care! We have everything from toothbrushes and toothpaste, to oral cleansing gel that requires no brushing! Be sure to stop by either of our Brookside or Lee’s Summit locations and pick up those supplies to keep your pet’s pearly whites healthy.

*Thank you for the tips on pet dental health