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How to Keep Your Furry Friend Warm and Safe This Winter Season

Getting outdoors and breathing in fresh air is vital for our wellbeing even during the winter months. But winter conditions can be unsafe for our furry friends! Wondering how to keep them warm, safe and active this season? The Barkery and Bath has cozy and protective pet supplies for your pet’s wellness this winter!

5 Best Winter Pet Supplies

Paw Balm

If you think your lips get chapped during the winter months, how do you think your pet’s paw pads feel? During the colder season, it’s easier to become dehydrated – leading to dry, chapped skin. Add in the harsh winter weather, and you can bet your furry companion’s paw pads (including dog elbow pads) are feeling a bit crusty. Protect your pup or kitty from dry, cracked, painful skin this winter by using a paw balm!

Pet Booties

Also known as “pawks” (paw socks), these flexible booties are durable protection against harsh winter elements, especially against rock salt. Winter cold is hard on your pet’s little feet, but rock salt can be truly dangerous. Learn more about preventing chemical burns with pet-safe rock salt here! Pet Booties Bonus: these pawks also come in handy for summer months when the pavement gets too warm.

  • WagWear Wellies Rainboots come in all different sizes and colors! Our preferred paw booties are made of durable rubber; these puddle jumpers will also protect your dog’s toes from chemical burns and painful ice balls while romping in the snow.
  • WagWear Mojave Wellies Rainboots are definitely more ventilated and better to use on pavement versus in snow banks; however, they will still offer protection from rock salt and icy pavement for winter wonderland walks. See sizing guide to choose the right pair for your pup.

Reflective Gear

Winter days are not only colder – but darker! It can be tricky juggling all your responsibilities during the shorter daylight hours and sometimes winter walks happen during darker hours. To stay safe in the cold – and the dark – don’t forget to include reflective gear in your winter pet supplies. Try this Kurgo Reflective 6-in-1 dog lead!

Sweaters and Coats

Pet Apparel is perhaps one of our favorite things about the colder months. Cute, festive, or even downright silly, we love a good pet sweater. Keep your pet warm indoors with a sweet pet sweater or opt for a more durable coat for outdoor time. Here are a few of our current favorites.

  • Gooby Microfiber Stretch Fleece Dog Sweater is great for both indoor and outdoor warmth. In lavender, burgundy or green, this simple and modern sweater comes in a variety of sizes!
  • Gooby Mountaineer Pet Puffer Jacket is probably our favorite coat for outdoor walks. Aesthetic, durable, and water-resistant, this puffer jacket will help keep your pet warm and dry on winter walks. Plus, it comes with a reflective stripe and a traffic handle for extra safety.
  • Chilly Dog Monkey Dog Hoodie Sweater might seem a little silly – but that’s half its charm! With a little hood for your pet’s head, this hand-knit wool sweater is selling fast. Check out remaining sizes now!
  • Chilly Dog Pink Piggy Dog Hoodie Sweater is another fun wool sweater that’s good for a laugh. Add a little brightness to your dark winter days when you see your little furry friend running around the house in this pig sweater!
  • RC Pets Packable Rain Poncho is a great option for winter weather – or for spring rains. Its traditional yellow is a bright spot on gloomy days, but you can also choose a bright red color. For a little light-hearted fun, choose the hooded poncho with either the rubber-duck print or the hot dogs and donuts print!

Peruse our full online list of dog outerwear at your own leisure.

Grooming Supplies

Pay extra attention to your pet’s grooming this winter! Cold and damp outdoors can cause matting and even sores if left unattended, while dry, indoor heating can cause skin issues and damaged fur. Keep your pet healthy, fluffy, and oh-so-cozy with regular bathing and grooming. Check out our in-store options here or browse our at-home supplies for dogs and for cats!

Here at the Barkery and Bath we support overall wellness from head to tail to toe! Winter might change our daylight hours and our routines, but it doesn’t have to affect your pet’s wellbeing. If you have any questions – or wish to check out our in-store options for pet sweaters, gear, and treats – just drop by the Barkery. We love nothing more than helping you do what’s best for your best furry friend!