4 Tips for a Healthy Indoor Dog

Spring is just around the corner, but Kansas City still has another month or so of snow, rain, ice, and cold to get through. Being stuck inside too much can make you a little depressed, especially at the tail end of winter, and it can also affect your canine companion. According to a study by the veterinary charity People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA), one in three dogs experience a downturn in mood during the colder months. The solution can be as simple as providing a high quality diet and regular indoor exercise. Here are four tips from animalwellnessmagazine.com to keep your dog happy and healthy until spring arrives:

1. Stair work – If you have a house with closed stairs, play fetch by throwing a toy up the stairs and having your dog run up and down for a great workout. Stick to a flat surface if your dog has joint problems.

2. Rotation diet – Offering different food forms (kibble, canned, raw) and proteins (meat, fish, poultry) will keep your buddy interested in eating and improve his behavior – and that can help when he’s inside a lot. Be sure to notice the quantity of food you are feeding, since a dog is often less active during the colder months. By following a rotation diet, you pay more attention to what you are feeding him and decrease your chances of over-feeding. Consult with a Brookside Barkery staff member for guidance in finding the perfect food for your pooch!barkery treats

3. Obedience routines – Bring out the training books and work with your dog to improve basic skills such as heel, turn, sit and stay. It will keep him mentally active, which is just as important as physical activity, and increases your interaction with him.

4. Hide and seek – Create a treasure hunt for your dog around the house by hiding healthy treats in different places. This is an interactive game to get him moving and encourage him to explore his surroundings. You can find unique, healthy treats your pup will love at Brookside Barkery & Bath!

It won’t be long before the sun shines, and it’s warm enough to spend more time outside. Until then, these fun indoor activities will lift your dog’s mood while keeping him fit.