4 Reasons Senior Cats are the Best Pets

Considering getting a new kitty, but think a kitten would be too much to handle? Adopting a senior cat might be the thing for you! This article from Modern Cat gives us the top 4 reasons why senior cats make the best pets.

1. A Sleeping Cat is the Best Thing Ever (and These Guys Can SLEEP)
Senior cats sleep much more than their younger counterparts, so the opportunities to have your day brightened by the sight of your little nut asleep with his tongue hanging out of his mouth, or drooling, or in some crazy body position are increased exponentially. Being super old is hard work, and my cats certainly take the edge off by sleeping basically all the time.

2. The Things Older Cats Need are Easy to Give
Older folk can tend to be stuck in their ways—they like what they like, no need for the shiny or the new. So if you find that just perfectly them-shaped bed, you are pretty much all set. My cat Lyle is probably in his bed right now, he loves it so much. Seniors really don’t ask for a lot—they just need the food they like best, the scratches that make their eyes close up tight with utter joy, a nice clean litterbox, a comfy place to lie down, and you nearby so that they know they are home and safe. Easy peasy!

3. Senior Cats Make Awesome Pets for Seniors
Given their lower energy levels, relatively low maintenance care, and generally easy-going personalities, senior cats make outstanding pets. They are particularly suited to humans who enjoy the quiet life and are willing to give these special animals laid-back love and attention. They’re great companions for older individuals; anyone in need of a huge helping of love and devotion should rescue a senior cat! A kitten may be super cute, but the bond between a senior cat and its human is incredibly strong and they absolutely know that you are their family.

4. Seniors Love with ALL Their Hearts

Senior cats often land in shelters after losing their home for some reason—a move, their older person transitioning into a care facility, you name it. These cats are used to having a person. If you are in the position to offer one of these special cats a forever home in their senior years, they will reward you with a heap of love like you have never experienced. Whatever you put into your relationship with a senior cat will come back ten-fold. Adopt an old Gus today!