3 Ways to Keep Your Kitty PURR-fectly Healthy

Nutrition is always a concern when it comes to our pets. Have you ever wondered if you’re feeding your cat the right food? Are they getting the nutrients they need? Do they just not want to eat? If your cat is fussy about her food, she’s not alone. Cats are often labeled “finicky eaters”.  Thanks to animalwellnessmagazine.com, we learn that there are several reasons for this – and several things you can do to help correct it.


A good diet, plus your cat’s ability to metabolize nutrients play an important role in his health and longevity. Whenever your cat’s appetite fades, you need to start by finding out whether he’s just being picky, or might have a health problem.

1. There are many physical reasons why a cat may not eat, including illness, injury, poisoning, stress or aging issues. Ruling these out is always the first step in addressing appetite loss, so a vet visit is in order, especially if the cat is vomiting and/or has diarrhea, and/or hasn’t eaten in more than 24 hours.

2. If your cat has no underlying medical problems, but still seems lackadaisical about what he does or doesn’t eat, the next step is to try different varieties of food to see what appeals to him. Proceed slowly and carefully – a sudden introduction of new food can trigger diarrhea.

3. If your cat still needs an appetite boost, acupressure can help. Even if he has a medical issue, taking an integrative approach by combining acupressure with your veterinarian’s recommendations can restore his appetite more readily. Through thousands of years of clinical observation, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners have identified specific “acupoints” that are known to help stimulate appetite and support nutrient absorption.


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