Aid Animal Hospital

For the past 38 years, Aid Animal Hospital (AAH) has provided quality veterinary medical and surgical services to Waldo and the surrounding Kansas City area. They combine contemporary surgery and medicine with alternative, holistic approaches. It is their purpose to address the needs of patients while being sensitive to clients’ concerns.

Mariposa Veterinary Wellness Center

Their mission is to provide the most beneficial combination of therapies for each individual pet and family in a friendly, home-like, environmentally responsible setting. They meet their patient’s needs with respect and compassion. They provide clients with information and support, empowering them in their choices for their pet family members.

Metcalf South Animal Hospital

Whether you simply need advice or your pet has a serious health concern, Dr. Truman and her staff will devote their full attention to your pet. We believe in a Holistic approach to pet care emphasizing preventative medicine and nutrition. Herbs and acupuncture as well as conventional medicine are utilized where appropriate.

Please visit our Vaccine Protocol page to learn about the dangers of over-vaccinating your pet.

If you love your vet, let us know why! We are always looking for quality veterinarians to add to our Barkery Approved list!

Veterinarian Recommendations