May Special: Nulo Freestyle

Nulo is where nutrition meets love, and they live by their word.  With over 80% of proteins coming from real meat like lamb, chicken, salmon, turkey or cod, you can be assured that your dog is getting the amino acids and fuel they need.  Whether you need a great dog food  or you’re looking for something more feline in nature, Nulo Freestyle has you covered.

We’re offering huge savings on Nulo this month at both stores:

  • $2 off of all small bags
  • $4 off of medium bags
  • $7 off all large bags


APRIL SPECIAL – American Natural Premium

Save big on Endurance Plus all month long!

  • $2 OFF small bags of dog or cat food
  • $4 OFF medium bags of dog or cat food
  • $6 OFF large bags of dog food

If you’re making the transition from regular supermarket dog or cat foods to all-natural, American Natural Premium is a great choice!


Save Big on Stella & Chewy’s!

We’re bringing back our immensely popular special on Stella & Chewy’s, both freeze dried and frozen! We had huge success when we offered this several months ago, and decided there’s no better way to start off the new year then by offering this superb food at a huge discount.
  • $2 OFF any Stella & Chewy’s 6oz freeze dried Dog Dinner or 3lb Frozen Raw Dog Dinners
  • $4 OFF any Stella & Chewy’s 16oz freeze dried Dog Dinner, 12oz Cat Dinners and 6lb Frozen Raw Dog Dinners.
  • Buy 2 get 1 free any Stella & Chewy’s freeze dried .8oz Cat pouch Dinners

If you’ve ever wanted to get your pets the benefits of raw food, there’s never been a better time!

Holiday Bathing and Grooming

Remember to make your appointments for grooming and full-service bathing in time for the holidays! Appointment slots are booking fast, so remember that clean, well-groomed coats help keep your pet warm and comfy in winter time, and your guests will thank you for a clean pet to play with.

November Nulo Special

Nulo – Nutrition Meets Love


Whether your furry friend is small, medium or large – we’ve got you covered!

$2 off sm. bags | $4 off med. bags | $7 off lg. bags

And as a special bonus, your pet will enjoy a free can of wet food with every large bag purchase! 

Offer runs through November 30, 2013. No limit per purchase.