Why Raw? We’ll Tell You

Is it time your pet tried a raw diet?

We have several raw options at the Barkery, but is a raw diet right for your pet?

Many pet owners turned to raw foods when “nothing else worked” and typically solved their pets health crises by doing so. Other animal lovers have turned to a raw diet because of a growing number of recalls of processed pet foods, resulting in the death or serious illness of hundreds of pets. Some have seen the diet improve the overall quality of life for their pet, and the results are even visible with cleaner teeth, brighter eyes, and thicker and glossier coats.

In case you’re ready to take the dive into the raw diet, we hope you’ve had a change to see our raw diet recipe series, hosted by owner Delena Stout.

[title size=”3″]The Benefits Of Raw Food[/title]
[youtube id=”9Y2XLrfbrPA” width=”600″ height=”350″]

[title size=”3″]Preparing a Raw Diet for your Pet Part I: Using Cooked Meat[/title]
[youtube id=”qWl3d8VSI0I” width=”600″ height=”350″]

[title size=”3″]Preparing a Raw Diet for your Pet Part II: Using Raw Meat[/title]
[youtube id=”-roGtqH4x5o” width=”600″ height=”350″]

[title size=”3″]Raw Diet Premixes, Bases, and Add-ins: What You Should Know![/title]
[youtube id=”HCnyCSXieoo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

If you still have questions about test driving the raw diet for your pet, please stop in – we’re happy to help!



Barkery Owner Delena Stout on the Streetcar Project

streetcar_lowA recent KMBC 9 interview highlights the possibility of a street car that would make its way into the Brookside neighborhood, and channel 9 stopped in at The Barkery to discuss the development. The project could include a line that runs from Union Station a full nine miles into Waldo, set to launch in 2019 if the vote is passed.

Delena Stout, owner of Brookside Barkery and Bath believes there is “a lot of potential” for the streetcar project, especially because of a lack of parking in the area. It could also mean easier access to natural pet foods for thousands of Kansas City residents, and of course, easy transportation through the heart of the city.

View the video interview by clicking here