Brookside’s First All-Natural Pet Food Store

In May of 2003, owner Delena Stout set up a table outside her anticipated Brookside retail space during the Art Annual to promote her new, all-natural pet food store. She took a risk opening a holistic pet food store in Kansas City, but looks back today and sees the impact she has made on pets and their families. Not surprisingly, the commercial pet food industry has since shifted and continues to move in a hopeful direction.

Jacques feels better than ever!

Jacques has had joint trouble since a very young age. The vet recommended two knee surgeries. Thanks to the Barkery’s nutrition and vaccine advice, he’s at a healthy weight, and he is able to run, play, and even jump into the car after years of needing assistance. We are so thankful for your expertise!

Ollie loves the Barkery!

For me, the first time I brought Ollie in was a revelation. So many great foods! So many treats! Ollie was going absolutely nuts! The staff proved super knowledgeable and Ollie and I left with a great new food. Plus he LOVES getting a bath at the Barkery (though he’s not nuts about the dryers!) Here’s a pic of him getting massaged with calming oil in the pet spa!
  • Jason H.