Barkery U

Brookside Barkery works hard to educate our customers about the most nutritional diet options for their pets. Our mission is “better health through better nutrition,” and Barkery University classes are an opportunity for us to teach you how to do what’s best for your best friend.

The Barkery focuses on the Eastern concept of life balance and nutrition. Our pet’s quality of life can be improved and maintained by changing the balance of what they are eating.

Join us for informative 90-minute seminars presented by a panel of speakers followed by open Q&A, hosted by our friends at Research Medical Center in Brookside. Learn more about what’s in your pet’s food, how to read labels, types of diets, how to prepare them, supplements, and vaccinations. Ensure you are doing what’s BEST for your best friend!

Barkery 101

Learn more about the food pyramid, how to read labels, how much to feed.

Barkery 102

Understand the different types of diets and what is best for your pet. Raw, kibble, canned, freeze dried, and combination.

Barkery 103

Learn to prepare different types foods and raw bones.

Barkery 104

Understand supplements, probiotics, prebiotics, joint, dental, and oils.

Register now for Barkery 101!

April 26 – 7:00 pm.

Barkery 101 Registration

Location Details:

Research Medical Center, Brookside Campus

6675 Holmes Rd

Kansas City, MO 64131

Free parking is available in Parking Lot B. You will enter the doors near the Curry Education Center.