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Barkery Bath Bundle Cards!

By popular demand, we’re selling pre-pay bath cards! Pre-pay for 10 baths (for whatever weight your dog is) and you’ll get a card good for 11 baths! The only way a dog bath could be any better is if it’s FREE. Well, we’ve taken care of that for you! Ask a Barkery associate about it […]

Safe Flea Prevention for Your Dog

Spring is finally here, which means all kinds of insects start to appear around us and our pets. Here are some great tips to safely keep the biggest dog pest away: fleas. When your dog ends up with fleas, it may seem easy to grab flea treatment such as Frontline for your dog. You know […]

Spring Cleaning for your Pup!

With spring arriving and rain to come soon, we’ve got great products to keep your dog and your house clean! Stop in and check out our wide variety of items: The Paw Wash and Paw Plunge – no more ruining nice towels and clean floors with muddy paws! The Soggy Doggy – a mat perfect […]

Litterbox Solutions

You’ve come home to an unwanted “surprise” – but this time the culprit is the cat. Why isn’t he using the litterbox? It could be a number of reasons. And unlike a dog, punishing a cat by rubbing his face in the mess is not the answer. 21cats.org shared an article on this very problem with […]

Exercise is Key for Dog Health

In an article from Dog Training Central titled “The Importance of Exercising Your Dog,” the author notes that exercise helps dog and humans alike. Exercise is beneficial for dogs of all ages, as long as you adjust the amount of exercise to suit your dog’s age and fitness level. Not only are the physical benefits, but also […]