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Double Coated Dogs: Manage Shedding Without Shaving

It’s hot and sticky this time of year, and many of us are swapping out our winter wardrobe for summer wardrobe. If you own a fluffy, double coated dog, you may be thinking, “should I do the same for my dog?” Shaving your fluffy dog may be your go-to solution, but this is one thing […]

June Special at The Barkery

We’re offering major savings this month for both dog and cat guardians! Zignature Dog Food Zignature recipes contain quality ingredients sourced worldwide with your pet’s best interest in mind.  Zignature’s limited ingredient philosophy results in optimal hypo-allergenic, low glycemic nutrition with animal protein first. Your dog is sure to love one or more of Zignature’s […]

Protection Without the Needle: Is There a Better Way?

Many holistic veterinarians believe vaccinations create a large percentage of the new chronic disease we see in domestic animals, if not most. It’s also one of the few contributors to disease that we can actually control; whether and how much to vaccinate. Vaccines are a hot topic among humans and pets alike, and the line […]

Tips to Protect Your Dog’s Paws From Hot Pavement

Summer is a great time to get out and about with your dog, but outdoor excursions in the heat have quite a few risks for pets and humans alike. There is a lot of buzz about educating pet owners about the dangers of leaving your pet in a hot car, but many guardians forget one important detail: hot […]

Free Food Delivery Zones Extended!

Free Food Delivery Zones Extended! Brookside Barkery is bringing what’s best for your best friend to your doorstep! In order to serve you better, we have extended our FREE delivery zone within 5 miles of our Brookside and Lee’s Summit stores. If you live within these zones, you’re in luck! To place an order, just […]

The Benefit of Antioxidants in Your Pet’s Diet

If you pay attention to matters of heath and aging, you’ve no doubt heard the term “free radicals,” which are unstable molecules that travel around in the body looking to bond with stable molecules in order to steal an electron and stabilize themselves. When they are successful, they create new unstable molecules. These molecules contribute […]

Pet Cancer Awareness

May is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month Did you know that cancer accounts for nearly 50% of disease-related deaths in pets each year? In fact, of the estimated 75 million dogs and 85 million cats in the United States, roughly 6 million pets will be diagnosed with cancer. Studies have found that approximately 1 in […]

Unexpected Cat Care Tips

A few tips you may not have heard before to help care for your feline: Cats Love Running Water A pet drinking fountain is one of the best investments you can make for your cat’s health.  Cats find cool, running water appealing — it’s a natural behavior, because stream water is less likely to be contaminated […]

May Special at the Barkery

Fromm Family Pet Food has been manufacturing quality and wholesome dog and cat foods since 1949. As a family owned company, Fromm Family Foods focuses on what’s doing best for your pet! With Fromm’s wide range of recipes, you are sure to find one that fits your best friends needs, and your budget. May is […]

Top Reasons to Adopt a Pet

Since we are closing in on National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day (April 30th, join us at Wayside for a volunteer day!), we wanted to share The Humane Society’s Top Reasons to adopt a Pet. This day was created as a way to raise awareness for thousands of pets who are waiting for (and needing) […]