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Raw Diets for Dogs: Are They Better?

The idea of feeding raw food to your pet tends to divide us into two groups – either it makes sense to you to feed a biologically appropriate diet, or it may strike you as completely unsanitary and borderline barbaric. Regardless of your point of view, raw is the fastest growing sector of the pet food market. […]

Need Digestive Help?

If your dog has diarrhea or digestive issues, you may want to stop in the Barkery for some Flora4. Flora4 Ground Sprouted Seeds Food Topper simplifies the chore of learning how to effectively supplement live probiotics, plant enzymes, phytonutrients and whole food vitamins and minerals that are lacking in an all-meal diet. This beneficial supplement […]

Reasons You Should Supplement Raw Goat’s Milk

For those that don’t know, goat’s milk has been hailed as one of the most complete, natural food sources known to man. Raw, unpasteurized goat milk is full of vital nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, electrolytes, protein and fatty acids, and it’s more digestible than cow’s milk. Not only is it safe to give your dog or cat goat’s milk, […]

Cannabis For Your Dog: How It Can Help

There’s a popular medicinal herb you can give your dog these days, and it’s called cannabis. Dog owners are using it to help their pets with a wide range of ailments, from anxiety to cancer. Are dogs going to pot? Not exactly. The cannabis dogs are taking his hemp, not marijuana. Dogs Naturally explains the […]

3 Big Nutrition Messages for Cat Guardians

Sadly, estimates are that over half of kitty companions over the age of 10 suffer from chronic kidney disease (CKD), which is also referred to as chronic renal disease or chronic renal failure. There are many causes of CKD in cats, but one of the most common and preventable influences is a dry food diet. […]

Unexpected Dangers in Vaccines

There’s a lot to consider when you vaccinate your dog or cat, such as… Does my dog really need this shot? What are the risks of vaccinating vs not vaccinating? What ingredients are in my dogs vaccine? You can find a lot more on the Dogs Naturally website about adverse reactions and hidden vaccine ingredients, […]

The 3 Reasons Dogs Ignore Our Cues

Sometimes our dogs don’t do what we ask them to do. Annoyed, we might repeat a cue several times – louder and a little more sternly each time. Often, our dogs are then labeled as “stubborn,” or he “just won’t listen.” Well, there are better explanations as to why this happens, and your dog being […]

Celebrate National Holistic Pet Day

National Holistic Pet Day (August 30) comes once a year, but pet owners should take measures to prioritize the health of their pets from a holistic perspective on a year-round basis. Dr. Patrick Mahaney VMD, CVA, CVJ shares his perspective on some holistic ways to promote your pet’s best quality of life. Prevent Obesity by […]