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Canine Flu Vaccine: Is It Necessary?

Veterinarians across the country are encouraging pet owners to vaccinate their canine companions for the flu. Is your dog at risk? And if so, is the vaccine going to prevent that risk? We’re here with help from Dogs Naturally to cover this popular topic to help you decide what is best for your best friend. […]

13 Winter Care Tips for Your Dog

Does your dog love winter, or would she rather cuddle up on the couch under a cozy blanket? Either way, you should be prepared to protect her when she ventures out into the elements this season. Many dog owners live with the misconception that because their pets have a coat of fur, they can tolerate […]

15 Ways to Ensure Your Dog Gets Quality Meat

When it comes to feeding your pet, it’s not always easy to tell where ingredients come from or how they’re cooked. Even the numbers on the label aren’t as helpful as they could be, making comparisons hard. Expect quality pet food to cost more, but make sure you’re actually getting your money’s worth. Remember, good […]

January Sale – Tuckers & Petcurean GO!

This month marks the start of an awesome promotion your four-legged friends are sure to appreciate! Tucker’s Raw Frozen & Treats and Petcurean GO! are both on special this month! Tucker’s offers a variety of raw frozen complete and balanced diets, raw bones, dehydrated food, bones, and treats. Your pet is sure to love the […]

Let the Sales Begin!

We hope you had a wonderful Holiday! Now, let the sales begin… While supplies last, stop in your local Brookside Barkery for: 75% off ALL holiday items! 40% off  regular toys! 30% off all outerwear!

Joyful season, dangerous plants!

Animals will often chew plants to get some roughage. For dogs this is because they are omnivores and actually enjoy plant foods. Plant roughage can be a good source of vitamins and can be helpful for passing food through the intestines. Cats are strictly carnivorous, but eating plants can benefit them by helping to bind hair […]

8 Ways to Keep Indoor Cats Happy & Healthy

Indoor cats live safer, longer lives than their outdoor counterparts, but an unstimulated cat can lead to destructive behavior, excessive sleeping, or unhealthy weight gain. These tips from Animal Wellness Magazine will ensure your kitty stays fit and happy, both physically and mentally. 1. Feed her a high quality, meat-based, grain-free diet, and don’t free […]

December Sale – Petcurean NOW Fresh Recipes!

“Fresh.” It sounds good when you say it. And tastes good when you eat it. It’s no surprise that dogs and cats love the freshness of NOW. It’s packed full of nutritious ingredients like 100% market-fresh meat or fish, 100% fresh omega 3 & 6 oils from coconuts and canola. NOW FRESH™ grain & gluten free […]