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Need Your Pet Bathed/Groomed? Here’s What You Should Know!

Brookside Barkery & Bath takes pride in being Kansas City’s favorite pet grooming facility. Our wide variety of services range from self-service bathing to full-service grooming and everything in between! If you are looking to schedule an appointment with us, here are some things you should know: You must call our store to schedule a […]

Are Probiotics Good for Your Pet?

Probiotic supplements are everywhere. You may be taking one. But is it necessary to give probiotics to your dog or cat? Probiotics are nutritional supplements that contain live microorganisms (bacteria and/or yeast) that aim to improve health and digestion. They are typically used to improve the gastrointestinal tract. Consider a dog with diarrhea, for example. […]

10 Fresh Foods to Share With Your Pet

At the Barkery, we believe in feeding your pet a fresh, carefully balanced diet. The wonderful thing about homemade diets is being able to pick your own ingredients. You pick the quality of meat and veggies because you select the food yourself. Research shows that offering any amount of fresh food to your dog is beneficial. Maybe you […]

Mixing Kibble with Raw? Here’s the Problem…

There are a bunch of reasons to feed both kibble and raw at the same time. Maybe you’re switching your dog to raw, but need to mix both together to avoid digestive upset. Maybe 100 percent raw isn’t in your budget. Haven’t you heard that a little fresh food is better than none? Mixing these […]

Double Coated Dogs: Manage Shedding Without Shaving

It’s hot and sticky this time of year, and many of us are swapping out our winter wardrobe for summer wardrobe. If you own a fluffy, double coated dog, you may be thinking, “should I do the same for my dog?” Shaving your fluffy dog may be your go-to solution, but this is one thing […]

June Special at The Barkery

We’re offering major savings this month for both dog and cat guardians! Zignature Dog Food Zignature recipes contain quality ingredients sourced worldwide with your pet’s best interest in mind.  Zignature’s limited ingredient philosophy results in optimal hypo-allergenic, low glycemic nutrition with animal protein first. Your dog is sure to love one or more of Zignature’s […]

Protection Without the Needle: Is There a Better Way?

Many holistic veterinarians believe vaccinations create a large percentage of the new chronic disease we see in domestic animals, if not most. It’s also one of the few contributors to disease that we can actually control; whether and how much to vaccinate. Vaccines are a hot topic among humans and pets alike, and the line […]

Tips to Protect Your Dog’s Paws From Hot Pavement

Summer is a great time to get out and about with your dog, but outdoor excursions in the heat have quite a few risks for pets and humans alike. There is a lot of buzz about educating pet owners about the dangers of leaving your pet in a hot car, but many guardians forget one important detail: hot […]

Free Food Delivery Zones Extended!

Free Food Delivery Zones Extended! Brookside Barkery is bringing what’s best for your best friend to your doorstep! In order to serve you better, we have extended our FREE delivery zone within 5 miles of our Brookside and Lee’s Summit stores. If you live within these zones, you’re in luck! To place an order, just […]